Get Creative NOW! 8 Great Tips to Get Your Brain in Gear

08.26.2014 Better Business
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Whether you’re busy running your business, bumping up your brand reach or trying to come up with creative content marketing ideas, like many creative types, you occasionally hit the wall. Uh oh. It’s the dreaded Brain Drain! Sometimes we all need a creative boost to brighten our day. Here are some tips to get your brain back on track and moving forward to a more productive, creative workday.

1. Game On!

Playing games isn’t just a waste of time. The right kinds of games can shift your focus, allowing your higher creative functions to take a break while you cruise through some spatial or math based games. Try games that claim to boost your brain through science, like Luminosity or Fit Brains. After a 10-minute bout of brain games, I feel refreshed and ready to begin my next project. (Heck, try one of our branding quizzes—they’re fun!)

2. Step Outside

It’s the tail end of summer, so get outside and sweat a little! Physical activity is a great way to clear your head. Even a short walk can provide a lot of benefits. If your climate or schedule doesn’t allow for running out the door whenever you feel like it, be sure to schedule time at the gym several times a week to keep your brain and your body in tip-top shape. Try yoga at home to improve physical strength and flexibility, as well as mental stamina.

3. Stay Up Late

While it may sound counter-productive, night owls boast higher IQs—and that can’t hurt creativity. You can argue whether this is a causation-does-not-equal-correlation issue or even whether it’s a chicken-or-egg scenario, but regardless, there’s something to be said for staying up late!

4. …or be the Early Bird

Another study says that early risers are happier and more productive. So which one do you choose? I know there are a lot of people out there who will never be happy before 10am (and are downright murderous before their coffee!), but I also know that morning people love the air at dawn.

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Focusing Tips for Creative Types

12.25.2012 Better Branding
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Getting down to business with serious focus can be particularly difficult for creative people—especially during the holidays! Between fun, family, friends, (and food!), there are SO many distractions this time of year. Creatives, like me, often deal with different kinds of focusing problems. Sometimes our heads are so full of ideas we end up working […]

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Focus from the Get-go

12.18.2012 Better Business
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So now that you know how to address your distractions as they happen, let’s talk about how to start your day off focused from the get-go! There are a bunch of little tips and tricks I use to ensure that I start my day off right, and continue to stay focused on my most important […]

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Focus: Dealing with Distractions

12.04.2012 Better Business
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Every time you stop for a distraction, it takes you 8 to 20 minutes to refocus and get back to where you were before you got distracted. Every time. Distractions are a common problem in most workplaces, and are an especially pesky problem for freelancers, solopreneurs, and others who work from home. It’s time to […]

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Branding Prep for the New Year – Already!

11.29.2011 Nora's Thoughts
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The end of the year is quickly approaching, so the ever popular time for renewal and goal setting – the New Year! – is right around the corner.  It’s never too early, or too late, to start thinking about your goals for next year. . The Ultimate Plan As I dive into the creation of […]

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Specialize and Watch Your Target Choose You!

06.14.2011 Better Marketing
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Have you ever heard the phrase, “A Jack of all trades is a master of none”?  While a “Jack of all trades” used to be a compliment to all the Renaissance Man types who seemed to be able to do it all, in recent history the phrase has a new ending on it, the result […]

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Finding My Path

04.19.2011 Nora's Thoughts
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Branding Challenge Series It has been a while since I have shared my new, great happenings and challenges. Everyone wants to find their path in this life. Sometimes your path is apparent immediately. Sometimes you happen upon it, usually after struggle or self-reflection. I have been on a path of self-discovery and self-worth. I have been […]

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Working from Home: Are You Ready to Make the Leap?

01.18.2011 Better Business
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It’s the beginning of a new year, and that means it’s the time when many business professionals rethink their careers.  Maybe the grass is looking greener from the other side of the fence, so you’re thinking it might be time to start working from home.  Or maybe the economy has forced you into survival mode […]

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Getting Back On Track

10.12.2010 Nora's Thoughts
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Branding Challenge Series So, I haven’t written much about my personal Branding Challenge lately, mainly due to the fact that I realize the importance of following the necessary steps to brand smartly (like taking the time to analyze my mission statement and my target market before choosing a company name), but I’ve been doing all […]

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Cool Tools: Must-See Websites and Apps for Business Owners

09.07.2010 Branding Tips & Resources
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An efficiently run business reinforces a great brand, so it’s important to be productive and organized, even when day-to-day business gets hectic.  The good news is that there are a ton of tools out there to help you get and stay on the ball – and many of them are completely free! Here are a […]

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