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Another Great Brand Slogans Quiz

02.26.2013 Branding Quizzes & Games

Do you have a great tagline or slogan for your business? Never underestimate the power of an excellent slogan! The following taglines have been around for years, and many have truly stood the test of time. When you find that perfect slogan that’s both unique and memorable, you’ll find your target audience will be much […]

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EVEN MORE Great Brand Slogans (from the past 100 years!)

10.23.2012 Branding Quizzes & Games

A unique tagline or slogan can be a real head-turner for your target audience. But creating a memorable slogan that just can’t be forgotten ensures your business and your brand retain real staying power for years to come. Don’t believe me? Many of the following slogans have been around over 50 years! So, with winter […]

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A GREAT Creative Team = Better Branding & Better Business

01.17.2012 Branding Tips & Resources
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Last week on The Branding Spot, we talked about four must-have components for business success: a clearly identified target market, passion for your work, a reliable support system, and a continuous emphasis on networking. And what’s the FIFTH key component for business success? A Reliable, Qualified & Talented Creative Team! Never overlook or undervalue real […]

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Find Your Backward “J”

02.01.2011 Brand Design
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While on a mini road trip with my husband last weekend, an unintentionally funny sign caught our eye and gave us a chuckle.  It was a simple sign, stenciled on a piece of plywood, with a simple message: “Buy Lunk Cars.”  Well, obviously the sign should’ve read “Buy Junk Cars,” but someone (presumably this business […]

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Branding: What’s The Point?

08.03.2010 Branding Basics
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Branding is always a hot topic in the business world – but why is branding so important? Branding (n.): the promoting of a product or service by identifying it with a particular brand. –Merriam-Webster Your Brand Tells Your Story The state flag of South Carolina is blue with a palmetto tree and a crescent moon.  […]

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Understand Your Market, Build Your Business

06.29.2010 Better Marketing
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So you have a new and exciting idea for a product or service – great!  Like all entrepreneurs, your objective is to get people to buy from you.  Now think: why is there a need for my product or service in my industry?  What is the future of my industry?  Who will buy my product […]

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Five Tips from Five Guys: Masters of Their Brand

05.18.2010 Branding Success Stories
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Five Guys Burgers and Fries goes the extra mile to stay true to their roots and deliver a memorable brand experience.  How?  They operate under the principle that simple is effective. If you don’t have a Five Guys Burgers and Fries in your area, you can probably guess what this business is offering – but […]

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Top 5 Ways to Brand Distinction

03.22.2010 Brand Design

Branding is one of the most important parts of any business. When growing your own business, every error you make means money out of your pocket, so why learn the hard – and expensive – way? Why not learn ahead of time which pitfalls to avoid? As a corporate brander and an entrepreneur, I’ve seen […]

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