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Branding Basics from ‘Breaking Bad’

09.17.2013 Branding Basics
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Back in 1996, when I started my freelance business, I rarely ran across a small business owner who actually understood the meaning of the word “branding.”

“I don’t need any branding. I don’t have any cows.”

Yea, I’m not kidding. I’ve heard that.

I believe it was around 2008 that I began to hear the word “branding” used in certain “in the know” circles. Nowadays, the word—and especially the concept—are understood well enough that even mainstream entertainment is teaching us lessons on branding.

Who’s a Fan of Breaking Bad?

Did you see last week’s episode? Did you catch the branding references?

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It’s Grammar Game Time!

09.10.2013 Branding Quizzes & Games

With the start of football season signaling the fast-approaching fall weather, we thought we’d offer you guys a little grammar game to exercise your brains this week.

Typos and grammatical errors are bad for your brand. Period. Grammatical mistakes make you look unprofessional and inexperienced, and show poor communication skills. Now that’s definitely not the way you want the world to view your business and your brand, is it?

See how many of these grammar and spelling mistakes you catch right away!

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Ancient Brand Knockoffs? Really?

08.20.2013 Branding Buzz
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You’ve heard of Gucci and Coach purse knockoffs or Rolex watch knockoffs, but have you ever heard of an Ulfberht sword knockoff? Brand knockoffs go all the way back to Viking times! As a person with Scandinavian heritage, I couldn’t resist watching Secrets of the Viking Sword, a NOVA special on PBS.

Turns out, people are people. Whether in the 9th century or the 21st, counterfeiters have always been on a mission to capitalize on the strengths of great branding.

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Comic Sans: The Designer’s Scapegoat

08.06.2013 Branding Buzz
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“If you love it, you don’t know much about typography. If you hate it, you really don’t
know much about typography either, and you should get another hobby.”
~ Vincent Connare, inventor of Comic Sans

Comic Sans: It’s THE font guaranteed to get a reaction out of just about anyone, graphic designer or otherwise. Created in 1999 as an inside joke, the Ban Comic Sans website has grown into a popular anti-font movement. On the other hand, you have The Comic Sans Project (“We fear no fonts and we will make the whole world Comic Sans.”) and The Comic Sans Song, which may or may not be soaking in irony. Frankly, it’s hard to tell. Also of note: The Oatmeal, one of the web’s most popular comics, makes fun of Comic Sans in “How a Website Goes Straight To Hell.”

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Royal Baby Branding Boosts

07.30.2013 Better Marketing
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Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, allegedly remarked, “We are not a family; we are a firm.” Hence the royals’ self-appointed nickname for the family: The Firm. Now that we have the newest royal George on our hands with the arrival of little Prince George last week, I can’t help but draw the parallel. With this statement, it’s obvious that the early 20th century British monarchy already understood the importance of treating the royal family as a business—and they also understood every business needs a strong brand.

Today’s British royals are well aware of the power behind a strong family brand: it unites their kingdom, encourages confidence in the upper crust, inspires more tourism and presents the family to the world in a positive diplomatic light. Most importantly, a strong brand serves to boost the economy, both short- and long-term.

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Bare Bones Brands Quiz

07.23.2013 Branding Quizzes & Games

How’s your week going? Time for some fun! Take a look at the following logos. How many of these brands can you recognize from just these images?

How do you think you did? (Write your answers in the comment section below.) Could you recognize and recall all these brands? If so, there’s a reason they’ve made it into your memory. You can likely say you’ve simply seen these brands so many times they’re forever ingrained in your head. So, sure: repetition could be a part of it.

But isn’t it interesting that you can distinguish these brands just by their parts, without the whole picture? That’s some really impressive brand recognition. So why are these brands so easily distinguished? There must be more to it!

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Branding for Kids of the ’70s

07.09.2013 Better Marketing
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My husband and I are both children from the 1970s. The ’70s were great as a kid: the colors, the toys, the service announcements! Where Oscar the Grouch was grumpy and Cookie Monster only ate cookies. I think we were the last generation to see uncut Looney Tunes cartoons. (Helloooo, the violence was the funny […]

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Nifty Neurons: Connections Count when Branding

06.25.2013 Better Branding
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Do you think you have a sharp memory? Do you think you can recall details better than the average person? You may be surprised to learn that most people think they have an impeccable memory. Sorry to break it to ya: that’s just not true. You don’t have to take my word for it. As […]

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Inside Edge 2013 Afterglow

04.23.2013 Networking
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First of all, let me say: WOW. I just returned from the Inside Edge 2013 Conference in Washington D.C., put on by the fabulously talented Angelique Rewers, The Corporate Agent. Held at the beautiful Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, I found the event to be entirely practical while immensely inspirational. I’ve arrived back to […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Designing Your Brand

04.09.2013 Hiring a Branding Professional
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Say you’re not feeling well. You go to the doctor and describe your symptoms. The doctor listens at first, then asks a series of very directed questions to narrow down your particular situation. The doctor will likely review your patient file, perhaps do a bit of research, and return with a diagnoses and a prescription for […]

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