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Top 10 Sneaky Brand Parodies in Weird Al’s “Word Crimes” Video

07.29.2014 Branding Buzz
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Just when we thought we finally got Robin Thicke’s borderline awful tune out of our heads, the melody is back with a vengeance in Weird Al Yankovic’s new tune “Word Crimes”—and we couldn’t be happier! Not only does this catchy parody reiterate one of our favorite topics (the importance of good grammar, yes, even in the age of the Internet), but it literally illustrates each grammatical issue with brilliance, beauty and a special kind of satirical attention to detail that is impossible to resist.

Al Nails Modern Marketing

This impeccably exact parody of the original song Blurred Lines was released as part of the effective and appropriately named #8videos8days hashtag series. Those following #8videos8days were treated to a new Weird Al video release every day for—you guessed it—8 days in a row. While Weird Al himself was a little worried the marketing ploy wouldn’t go over as well he he’d hoped, he was pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming show of support.

And boy did it pay off: Weird Al’s new album Mandatory Fun debuted on July 15th at # 1 on the Billboard charts—his 14th studio album was the first comedy chart topper in 50 years.

We just can’t get enough of the graphics, the vocab, the messaging, the schooling, and the smashingly punny insults. Too freakin’ funny and overwhelmingly clever. We congratulate Weird Al on this much deserved honor.

Big Brand Parodies & Sneaky Subtext

Besides the seamless videography and the typography masterwork, our favorite part of Word Crimes was, of course, all the big brand parodies and the awesome hidden tidbits. See if YOU can find them all!

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It’s Grammar Game Time!

09.10.2013 Branding Quizzes & Games

With the start of football season signaling the fast-approaching fall weather, we thought we’d offer you guys a little grammar game to exercise your brains this week.

Typos and grammatical errors are bad for your brand. Period. Grammatical mistakes make you look unprofessional and inexperienced, and show poor communication skills. Now that’s definitely not the way you want the world to view your business and your brand, is it?

See how many of these grammar and spelling mistakes you catch right away!

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Bare Bones Brands Quiz

07.23.2013 Branding Quizzes & Games

How’s your week going? Time for some fun! Take a look at the following logos. How many of these brands can you recognize from just these images?

How do you think you did? (Write your answers in the comment section below.) Could you recognize and recall all these brands? If so, there’s a reason they’ve made it into your memory. You can likely say you’ve simply seen these brands so many times they’re forever ingrained in your head. So, sure: repetition could be a part of it.

But isn’t it interesting that you can distinguish these brands just by their parts, without the whole picture? That’s some really impressive brand recognition. So why are these brands so easily distinguished? There must be more to it!

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Another Great Brand Slogans Quiz

02.26.2013 Branding Quizzes & Games

Do you have a great tagline or slogan for your business? Never underestimate the power of an excellent slogan! The following taglines have been around for years, and many have truly stood the test of time. When you find that perfect slogan that’s both unique and memorable, you’ll find your target audience will be much […]

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EVEN MORE Great Brand Slogans (from the past 100 years!)

10.23.2012 Branding Quizzes & Games

A unique tagline or slogan can be a real head-turner for your target audience. But creating a memorable slogan that just can’t be forgotten ensures your business and your brand retain real staying power for years to come. Don’t believe me? Many of the following slogans have been around over 50 years! So, with winter […]

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MORE Great Brand Slogans (from the past 100 years!)

10.18.2011 Branding Quizzes & Games

A great slogan is often a huge driving force behind a great brand’s staying power.  A memorable tagline that gets stuck in the minds of a target audience is exactly what sells those popular products and services, especially if they stand the test of time.  The longer a slogan is around, the more likely the […]

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Great Brand Slogans (from the past 100 years!)

05.03.2011 Branding Quizzes & Games

How important is a great slogan or a memorable tagline?  Very!  Creating a great company or product slogan that sticks in your consumers’ minds is essential to ensuring real staying power and lasting company and product success. Your taxes are done (hopefully!) and summer is just around the corner – so take a break and […]

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