Branding History

Ancient Brand Knockoffs? Really?

08.20.2013 Branding Buzz
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You’ve heard of Gucci and Coach purse knockoffs or Rolex watch knockoffs, but have you ever heard of an Ulfberht sword knockoff? Brand knockoffs go all the way back to Viking times! As a person with Scandinavian heritage, I couldn’t resist watching Secrets of the Viking Sword, a NOVA special on PBS.

Turns out, people are people. Whether in the 9th century or the 21st, counterfeiters have always been on a mission to capitalize on the strengths of great branding.

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Don’t Mess With Texas, The Brand

09.04.2012 Better Marketing
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Texas is a BIG state with a BIG personality. If you’ve ever been to Texas, or if you’ve ever known a Texan, you know that Texans love Texas. From the (perhaps stereotypical and stylized) images of big cowboy hats and huge juicy steaks, there’s still truth in the sentiment “everything’s bigger in Texas!” —and branding […]

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A Quick History of Branding

07.03.2012 Branding Buzz
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Mooving Markers Yes, as you may suspect, today’s understanding of the word “branding” most famously derives from the practice of cattle branding. Using a hot iron, the cow’s owner could effectively brand their particular emblem into the cow’s hide, permanently reminding others (and likely the cow) that a particular cow belonged to a particular owner. […]

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