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4th Quarter Business Boom: Wrap Up the Year Right!

10.08.2013 Better Business

Now that we’ve entered the 4th quarter, it seems like time keeps ticking away faster and faster. The New Year is just around the corner, and we’re not slowing down any time soon. Well, you know what they say: time flies when you’re having fun!

You may have had a great time running your business in the last year, but you likely have some concerns as well (after all, you’re human!), especially as we enter the last quarter of 2013. So, are you nervous? Clueless? Do you know what you’re supposed to do in this last quarter?

Think back to the beginning of the year. Did you happen to write up some business goals? If not, don’t fret. Try writing up your business goals at the start of next year—and keep moving forward.

But, if you did record your business goals, you’re in great shape. Pull the file, clear off the dust, and let’s get to work!

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Nix the Negativity!

09.24.2013 Better Business
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How do you make your clients feel?

Do your clients look forward to your correspondence? Or do they dread hearing your latest sob story?

Even if your head is spinning from an already-busy workweek, or your Monday didn’t run as well as you’d hoped, when it comes to your relationships with your clients, you best keep your negative business to yourself.


I’ve noticed a serious increase in negative attitudes in the professional world over the last few years. Maybe too many people became too friendly and forgot the importance of professionalism. Perhaps it’s this new culture of over-sharing. (If you’re posting to Facebook on the hour and Instagramming your breakfast every day, it might be time to step away from the computer for a week…or a month.)

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Think Mobile! Smartphone Apps to Help Small Biz

05.07.2013 Better Business
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You’re a busy business owner. Hey, I can relate. You have money to manage, meetings and travel to schedule and trips to take, tasks to prioritize, emails to write, people to administer—and then there’s your family, your friends, and your personal life to squeeze in there too! How do successful business owners stay on top […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Designing Your Brand

04.09.2013 Hiring a Branding Professional
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Say you’re not feeling well. You go to the doctor and describe your symptoms. The doctor listens at first, then asks a series of very directed questions to narrow down your particular situation. The doctor will likely review your patient file, perhaps do a bit of research, and return with a diagnoses and a prescription for […]

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Big-Time Tax Deductions for Solo & Small Business Owners

04.02.2013 Better Business
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Yes, it’s almost April 15th—and that means you better get going on those taxes! Even though my books are ready to go, I’ve been spending my time reviewing my deductions until my (very busy) accountant becomes available. Since many of you are likely doing the same thing, it’s a great time to talk about deductions […]

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Value > Price

02.19.2013 Hiring a Branding Professional
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Every once and awhile, I get a request that looks something like this, “I need a brochure. Please tell me how much that would cost me.” Ok, a brochure. Not a problem; I can definitely do that. So I start thinking: well, there are one-page brochures and ten-page brochures. There are big brochures and small […]

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The Great Rebranding Fail: Weight Watchers

01.15.2013 Brand Mistakes
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Last week on my radio show, Brand With Impact!, my co-host and I were discussing all the wonderful instances of rebranding and brand refreshers from the past year. I was all prepared and ready to go when the discussion turned to the recent Weight Watcher’s rebrand unveiling from December 2012. But even though I’d done […]

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Refine Your Resolutions with SMART Goals

01.01.2013 Better Branding
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Happy 2013! The holidays are over and we survived the Mayan Apocalypse, so the big question on the tip of everyone’s tongue is, “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” So, what are they? Did you write your list of resolutions yet? No? Even if you’re not big on New Year’s resolutions, the New Year is a […]

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Focus from the Get-go

12.18.2012 Better Business
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So now that you know how to address your distractions as they happen, let’s talk about how to start your day off focused from the get-go! There are a bunch of little tips and tricks I use to ensure that I start my day off right, and continue to stay focused on my most important […]

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Focus: Dealing with Distractions

12.04.2012 Better Business
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Every time you stop for a distraction, it takes you 8 to 20 minutes to refocus and get back to where you were before you got distracted. Every time. Distractions are a common problem in most workplaces, and are an especially pesky problem for freelancers, solopreneurs, and others who work from home. It’s time to […]

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