Successful Networking: Never Forget a Name

07.02.2013 Networking
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The Oops Has this ever happened to you at a networking event…? You introduce yourself and the other person shakes your hand and states their name. You shake your head, acknowledging their existence and then…Oops! What was that person’s name again? Hey, it happens to the best of us. Even that one guy who remembers […]

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Inside Edge 2013 Afterglow

04.23.2013 Networking
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First of all, let me say: WOW. I just returned from the Inside Edge 2013 Conference in Washington D.C., put on by the fabulously talented Angelique Rewers, The Corporate Agent. Held at the beautiful Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, I found the event to be entirely practical while immensely inspirational. I’ve arrived back to […]

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The New Networking Hotspot: Airplanes

02.12.2013 Branding Tips & Resources
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While speaking with a few of my business friends the other day, I was quite shocked to hear that most of them had never given much thought to the idea of networking while flying. So many missed opportunities! Sure, there’s always the fear of accidentally engaging The Never-ending Talker or, even worse, the fear of being […]

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Happy Holidays: It’s Follow Up Season!

12.14.2010 Networking
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Ah, the holidays: the perfect time for food, fun – and networking!  No doubt you have a few networking events on your calendar during this busy holiday season.  The great part about networking in the month of December: it means the New Year is fast approaching – and that means it’s time for (that’s right), […]

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Business Card Psychology 102

11.09.2010 Networking
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Last month at The Branding Spot, I received a lot of great feedback on my Business Card Psychology 101 post, so I was inspired to expand upon the topic even further!  I previously discussed two types of business card people (The Enthusiast and The Detractor).  Realizing this didn’t quite cover everyone, I decided to add […]

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Business Card Psychology 101

10.19.2010 Networking
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The Japanese are very particular about the ritual surrounding the exchange of business cards.  The business card (or meishi) is presented face up while bowing down, with both hands on either side of the card, showing respect.  The recipient then bows down to accept the card with both hands.  Upon receipt, the card is read […]

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Join a Tribe!

07.06.2010 Networking
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Branding Challenge Series Years ago, when I began my career as a freelance designer, I was of the mentality that I was on my own in the world.  Like many freelancers out there, I enjoyed my life and my work, but quickly came to realize that becoming a solopreneur invites a unique set of challenges.  […]

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