Comic Sans: The Designer’s Scapegoat

08.06.2013 Branding Buzz
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“If you love it, you don’t know much about typography. If you hate it, you really don’t
know much about typography either, and you should get another hobby.”
~ Vincent Connare, inventor of Comic Sans

Comic Sans: It’s THE font guaranteed to get a reaction out of just about anyone, graphic designer or otherwise. Created in 1999 as an inside joke, the Ban Comic Sans website has grown into a popular anti-font movement. On the other hand, you have The Comic Sans Project (“We fear no fonts and we will make the whole world Comic Sans.”) and The Comic Sans Song, which may or may not be soaking in irony. Frankly, it’s hard to tell. Also of note: The Oatmeal, one of the web’s most popular comics, makes fun of Comic Sans in “How a Website Goes Straight To Hell.”

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Tell-Tale Signs of DIY Design

03.27.2012 Typography
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Today’s desktop publishing software is more easy-to-use and more accessible than ever—and it’s a far cry from what it looked like close to two decades ago, when I entered the field of graphic design. Despite these advances, industry professionals and consumers alike expect professional design, and, even when they can’t put their finger on it, […]

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Attract Your Target: 7 Ways to Emphasize Type

03.20.2012 Typography
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Now that I’ve taken away your Mixed Caps for emphasizing text… NOW WHAT?  See what I did there?  😉 Really though, now what? (Hint: what makes this text stand out even more?) Ah, the nostalgia of the typewriter.  I remember my very first manual typewriter, just as well as I remember that powerful hum when […]

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To Cap or Not to Cap?

03.13.2012 Typography

Cap?  We’re not talking about whether or not you put the cap on your toothpaste (which I always do).  Instead, we’re continuing our March Typography series here at The Branding Spot. I recently ran into this fun, sort of spastically creative chick on YouTube talking about the Fundamentals of Typography.  Not only does Karen Kavett […]

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What’s Your Brand Saying Visually?

03.06.2012 Typography
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Do you know the three main elements that make up your company’s brand?  They are Typography, Color and Graphics.  For the next three months, we will be talking about these elements.  This month we will be talking about Typography. . . What is Typography? Typography is the practice of properly applying text into your marketing […]

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