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We All Judge a Book by its Cover, but Why? (Part 1)

05.21.2012 Graphics

By now we’ve all heard the old saying never judge a book by its cover. And by now, as adults, we know that’s not so simple, is it? Whether you want to believe it or not, not a day goes by that you don’t judge things by their appearances. You judge people by what they […]

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Images have IMPACT

05.03.2012 Graphics
Thumbnail image for Images have IMPACT

Have you caught the Pinterest bug? Can’t stop sharing your Instagram photos? Addicting, isn’t it? Well, you’re not alone. Today’s consumers and Internet users are seriously image obsessed. We want to see and share pics as often as possible. We love images! These trends are telling us something…but what? Worth A Thousand Words You’ve probably […]

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Color Psychology, Part 2: The Secret Power of Color

04.24.2012 Color
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Last week at The Branding Spot, we talked about the color histories and color strategies of big brands, like UPS, Green Giant, and Apple. To wrap up our April series on color, let’s delve even further into the fascinating world of color psychology. Working Up to Brand Color When I work with a new client to […]

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Color Psychology, Part 1: Big Brand Color Strategies

04.17.2012 Color
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Color is powerful. Color is dangerous. Used correctly, color digs deep inside of us, urging us to act, pouncing on our instincts, and releasing our emotions into the wild. Most of us experience raw reactions to color, even if we’re not conscious of color as that catalyst. Many of these reactions are illogical, stemming from […]

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The Business Owner’s Quick Guide to Consistent Brand Color

04.11.2012 Color
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There’s a lot more to understanding color than meets the eye. You’ve heard it before. Branding experts are always saying the same thing: you must have your exact brand color on EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE. Yet, when you try to get your design team on the same page, you end up frustrated. The brand colors on your […]

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Color: Your Brand’s Superpower!

04.03.2012 Color
Thumbnail image for Color: Your Brand’s Superpower!

Happy Spring, Everyone! There’s no better time to talk about color, so we decided to make color our April theme here at The Branding Spot! Did you know that color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent? Source: University of Loyola, Maryland study Research reveals people make a subconscious judgment about a person, environment, […]

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Tell-Tale Signs of DIY Design

03.27.2012 Typography
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Today’s desktop publishing software is more easy-to-use and more accessible than ever—and it’s a far cry from what it looked like close to two decades ago, when I entered the field of graphic design. Despite these advances, industry professionals and consumers alike expect professional design, and, even when they can’t put their finger on it, […]

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Attract Your Target: 7 Ways to Emphasize Type

03.20.2012 Typography
Thumbnail image for Attract Your Target: 7 Ways to Emphasize Type

Now that I’ve taken away your Mixed Caps for emphasizing text… NOW WHAT?  See what I did there?  😉 Really though, now what? (Hint: what makes this text stand out even more?) Ah, the nostalgia of the typewriter.  I remember my very first manual typewriter, just as well as I remember that powerful hum when […]

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To Cap or Not to Cap?

03.13.2012 Typography

Cap?  We’re not talking about whether or not you put the cap on your toothpaste (which I always do).  Instead, we’re continuing our March Typography series here at The Branding Spot. I recently ran into this fun, sort of spastically creative chick on YouTube talking about the Fundamentals of Typography.  Not only does Karen Kavett […]

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