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Focus: Dealing with Distractions

12.04.2012 Better Business
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…s, and are an especially pesky problem for freelancers, solopreneurs, and others who work from home. It’s time to take charge of those distractions—and just in time for the New Year. This month on The Branding Spot, we’ll be focusing on, well, focusing! 3 Steps to Fixing Focus Here’s a really simple way to deal with those constant distractions and achieve the level of focus and discipline you know you have inside of you. (…if it weren’t for all…

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Find Your Focus Fix

08.10.2010 Better Business
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…if you make a point to regularly set aside time for your personal activities.  It’s never easy to create a healthy work-life balance, but your awareness of your balance (or lack thereof) is often the first step toward better focus on a regular basis. “Lack of focus is part of what makes us good at what we do – we’re not afraid to let our minds chase new ideas,” says Mysse.  “However, this can also turn into a nightmare if it happens…

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Focus from the Get-go

12.18.2012 Better Business
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…ys looking for time fillers! Here’s a fun tip… Always include something fun or easy on your daily To Do list. This could even be something already included in your morning routine; for example: “Brush Teeth.” It may sound silly, but it’s a good way to check something off your To Do list right away, making you feel more productive right from the get-go! —— What do YOU do to start your day focused or to maintain your focus throughout the day?…

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Focusing Tips for Creative Types

12.25.2012 Better Branding
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…Creatives are more likely to get caught over-promising and under-delivering—when they should be under-promising and over-delivering instead. (As a creative business owner, I can relate: we want to give our clients the world, but sometimes we simply take on too many projects at once!)   Check out our previous posts on The Branding Spot blog: Dealing with Distractions  and Focus from the Get-Go for boatloads of focusing tips you don’t want…

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Get Creative NOW! 8 Great Tips to Get Your Brain in Gear

08.26.2014 Better Business
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…in’. I know, I know—I’m taking away all the fun stuff. But like they say, everything in moderation. (…and hey, I love me some beer!) Whatever you do to boost your creativity, the best strategies usually involve shifting your focus from whatever you’re working on, at least for a little while. They say sitting is the new smoking, so look for activities that involve moment, or at the very least, a change of scenery. To keep your team creative and…

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Working from Home: Are You Ready to Make the Leap?

01.18.2011 Better Business
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It’s the beginning of a new year, and that means it’s the time when many business professionals rethink their careers.  Maybe the grass is looking greener from the other side of the fence, so you’re thinking it might be time to start working from home.  Or maybe the economy has forced you into survival mode and you think working from home could be a good way to make some extra dough.  Does this sound like you? Here are a few points to consider…

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Getting Back On Track

10.12.2010 Nora's Thoughts
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…figured out the answers to my BIG questions, I’m having a hard time creating a brand identity for my company or even realizing what branding direction to head next. Must Focus! Additionally, it’s obvious I’m struggling with focus lately.  I know, I know, I should follow my own focus-finding advice, right?  Well, I’m a perpetual multitasker – guilty as charged.  (Could be a side effect of being right-brained!) How I operate: when I get stuck or…

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Branding Prep for the New Year – Already!

11.29.2011 Nora's Thoughts
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…of the feedback and insights I’ve received here.  So, on that note, a big part of my 2012 Ultimate Plan will be improving the blog, piece-by-piece and working with more social media to gain more recognition. Here are my main focus points: Set my editorial calendar Reevaluate my target audience Review my most popular posts and determine new content based on feedback Line up more guest bloggers Do more guest blogging on other blogs! Evaluate where…

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Specialize and Watch Your Target Choose You!

06.14.2011 Better Marketing
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…, less qualified and sometimes even downright suspicious. To counteract this relatively new, but definitely important attitude of the masses, you need to specialize both your products and services and really narrow down your focus to your true, clearly defined target market. What’s Your Real Passion? Think about it: what makes you stand out in your industry?  What do you do the best and why are you the best at what you do?  What makes you stand…

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Cool Tools: Must-See Websites and Apps for Business Owners

09.07.2010 Branding Tips & Resources
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An efficiently run business reinforces a great brand, so it’s important to be productive and organized, even when day-to-day business gets hectic.  The good news is that there are a ton of tools out there to help you get and stay on the ball – and many of them are completely free! Here are a few handy options worth checking out… Time Well Spent Google Voice Google Voice allows you to consolidate all of your phone numbers into one handy,…

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