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Fast-Growing Franchises: Why Consistency is SO Influential

06.03.2014 Better Branding

Here at The Branding Spot blog, we like to talk about consistent branding. What is a consistent brand? A consistent brand presence means that your logo, your brand colors, and the look and feel of your business is consistent across ALL of your marketing collateral and present in every way your customer interacts with your business—from website to tradeshows to business cards and so much more. We like to call this Brand Alignment. Why be…

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Start your New Year with a Consistent Brand! (Holiday Deal)

12.07.2010 Branding Success Stories

Do any of the following statements sound familiar? My branding materials are there, but they’re just not consistent. I don’t know how to integrate my brand into my marketing collateral. I have ideas for my brand, but I don’t know how to tie it all together and make it look professional. I need branding advice! Well, I’m here to help; it’s what I do.  I can help you sift through your existing branding materials to determine exactly what’s…

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Company Culture vs. Brand Personality—Does Your Company Measure Up?

03.25.2014 Brand Presence
Thumbnail image for Company Culture vs. Brand Personality—Does Your Company Measure Up?

…logo, your brand colors—everything that says HEY! This is my company! needs to be uniform to get the full effect. Heck, at Spot-On Branding, we even offer our popular Brand Alignment Package to help business owners create a consistent look, feel and flow to their brand online and off. But what about your company culture? Does your company culture actively represent your brand personality, inside and out? Not sure? Here are some areas to focus…

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Product Packaging: For Your SERVICE-Based Business

04.08.2014 Better Marketing
Thumbnail image for Product Packaging: For Your SERVICE-Based Business

…ed with your logo and attached to your business card—all consolidated into a nice little package, and all working together to make a serious brand impression. It all comes back to creating a great brand that is memorable and consistent: always and across the board. By cleverly packaging your service-based business as a series of products, you’re giving yourself and your business the opportunity to create another great impression with your…

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The Business Owner’s Quick Guide to Consistent Brand Color

04.11.2012 Color
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…d colors online! As a business owner with a successful, instantly recognizable brand, you want to be sure that your brand’s color(s) always look the same as often as possible, whether online or in print. But how? The keys to consistent brand colors consist of: knowing how to determine/choose your exact brand color, and understanding the limitations of each medium, whether online or in print. To help you out, I’m going to break it all down and…

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Branding Hot [Sauce]

10.16.2012 Brand Design

…as Pete Hot Sauce isn’t made in Texas, but rather in North Carolina. As stories go, Texas Pete does have an endearing narrative, so they do get an A for brand messaging—but I can’t say the same for plain ol’ across the board consistent branding. While some of the bottles are that recognizable pointy shape, the others are completely different. Same with the red cap: some Texas Pete bottles have it, while others don’t — and the shapes vary, too….

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Solidify Your Brand Message and Be The Expert

07.10.2012 Better Branding
Thumbnail image for Solidify Your Brand Message and Be The Expert

…d.) Books and ebooks Nothing impresses people more than books, and they’re instant credibility builders. Check out CreateSpace and Kindle for more information on how to become a published author. (Remember to keep your brand consistent, hire your branding professional to create your cover art.)   Case studies, white papers, special reports Depending on your industry, you may be creating these regularly. If not, plan to do one of each quarterly….

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Branding: What’s The Point?

08.03.2010 Branding Basics
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…d with a great logo projects a one-of-a-kind look, so your client base can instantly locate you amongst your competition. Your Brand is the Whole Package The Whole Point: To be successful, your brand must: Tell your story Be consistent and comprehensive Be unique A great brand will: Convey your solid, credible reputation Create a lasting and consistent impression with your existing and potential customers Differentiate you from the competition…

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Better Branding – Content Marketing for 2012

12.20.2011 Better Marketing
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…r brand, your content should be informed, interesting, entertaining, relevant and engaging to your target audience. Is Consistent and Comprehensive Your content should be produced on a regular schedule and in a format that’s consistent not only from week to week, but also consistently illustrates your brand and brand components, such as colors, themes and language. When working with multiple outlets, always try to cross-pollinate.  For example,…

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5 Tips for a Better Branded Website

04.29.2014 Better Marketing
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…that beautiful brand of yours on social media. Social media allows your loyal customers and brand advocates to share your content and your brand with like-minded peers and friends. Read: FREE advertising. But you have to be consistent and engaged, and you need to create content that counts—not just content for the sake of content. Including social media buttons on each of your posts and pages allows your potential customers multiple…

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